From Start To Finish

At House Of Toam, we understand the word creative.  That’s why when you work with us, no matter the project, you will stand out amongst the crowd! We pride ourselves on, great comms, teamwork and time management. Let’s help you achieve.






Let’s sit down, over a coffee – physical or virtual – and we’ll get to know each other. We love to build long-lasting relationships starting from day one. We want to know what you’re envisioning. Discovery sessions are a creative collaboration where we listen to your requirements and begin to breathe life into your vision.

Design, Develop, Action

Once we know what you’re looking for, we get to work creating something inline with your brief, your requirements, and the projected result. If we are providing you with a product or service that can be shared early on, we will do that and get some initial feedback, on some of our services, we offer 2 free rounds of amendments too! If its a physical service such as event management, we will be in the thick of planning, bringing your vision to life.


It may be the end of us working together for now, or it could be the start of a great relationship. Either way, we hope you have enjoyed working with us and the product you have checks all of your boxes.

Lets Work Together